LoRaWAN Street Light Controller NEMA

LoRaWAN Street Light Controller NEMA is a remote control device for HID or LED luminaires equipped with ANSI C136.41 NEMA receptacle. The luminaire is controlled through DALI or 0..10V analog control interfaces, while providing a reliable power interconnect with three robust twist lock contacts.

Category: Smart Lighting

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As part of our portfolio, LoRaWAN Street Light Controller NEMA, SG-Light, IOTNETPRO HUB serve as a foundation for other Smart City applications, greatly improving energy and operational efficiency.

- Remote control - offers operators the possibility to control and monitor, thus reducing the costs of field trips;
- Flexibility of interactive network status monitoring - access to the detailed state of the general network and of any individual points at any time from any location for optimal operations;
- Advanced reporting - view the fully detailed behavior history and measurement data for each asset, providing the ability to analyze network performance;


  • Light intensity monitoring and interruption detection
  • Digital Inputs ( e.g. movement sensor)
  • Analog Output (0-10V)
  • Analog Input (e.g. reflected light level)
  • Power metering
  • DALI interface
  • Relay control
  • SCR control
  • Redundant real-time clock & calendar
  • Configurable ON/OFF switching

  • Length

    84 mm


    84 mm


    100 mm


    68 g

    Operating temperature

    -35°C … +65°C


    LoRaWAN / NB-IoT