• Smart Lighting


The intelligent street lighting solution IOTNETPRO SMART LIGHTING allows the significant reduction of energy costs and the extension of the life of lighting lamps. Monitoring and control is done remotely, both for gas-discharge luminaires (HPS, HPM, HPI) and LED luminaires. SMART LIGHTING offers the possibility to adjust and adapt the brightness for an optimal coverage necessary for the safety of traffic conditions. Using intelligent communication technologies the system can pave the way for other applications of smart cities such as: Smart parking, Traffic management, Air quality detection, Mini weather stations, Intelligent utility metering and Energy efficiency systems.



Operating as part of the IOTNETPRO HUB platform, the street light management solution includes Hardware and Software components. As part of the IOTNETPRO HUB, Siryous and SG-Light offer street lighting control and management.

Siryous is an intelligent controller that uses LPWAN type communications (LoraWan, NB-IoT, LTE) reducing data traffic and providing instantaneous values of the lighting network. Intelligent lighting system components SG-Light (Smart Grid-Light) offers a friendly interface, easy to use by any inexperienced person (no training required). In addition to the possibility of controlling street lighting, the application provides statistics (weekly/monthly/annual) regarding energy consumption, notifications of network failures, the possibility to perform updates for network equipment.