Fast track the rollout of your connected solution

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  • Round the clock support

    The IoT never sleeps, which means your connected solutions need to work around the clock. That’s why IOTNetPRO hub is monitored, operated and supported 24/7 by the team at our Service Operation Centre (SOC).

  • A backend that’s built to scale

    You need a scalable setup – you want to grow with demand and keep control of operational costs. The backend of the platform (which takes care of data storage and processing) must be built on a truly scalable architecture. IOTNetPRO hub is based on the same technology employed by internet giants, which means your solution can scale as you grow.

  • Plug-and-play data-visualization dashboards

    The data that your connected products generate must be easy to turn into business value. You need tools to make data easy to understand and easy to integrate into your business processes. IOTNetPRO hub provides flexible and intuitive datavisualization tools that will allow you to get started in days rather than months.

  • Connectivity agnostic

    No matter how your devices are connected,IOTNetPRO hub will provide the platform capabilities for your fleet of IoT assets. This means you can onboard devices connected with Wi-Fi, ethernet, or cellular technologies including Lower Power Wide Area (LPWA) technologies. Though IOTNetPRO hub specialists in global mobile connectivity, IOTNetPRO hub works with any type of connectivity technology

  • Enterprise and developer friendly APIs

    To safeguard your investment and the long-term viability of your solution, IOTNetPRO hub is built to integrate with your enterprise architecture and third-party systems using webhooks and pre-built integrations. IOTNetPRO hub also provides a rich set of modern APIs that developers appreciate.

  • Secure from the start

    Many IoT applications store sensitive data and/or provide the possibility to control actuators. IOTNetPRO hub employs secure mechanisms such as strict separation of customer accounts, mutual authentication of all things connected to the platform, and strong encryption of data both in traffic and at rest. Security is measured at the weakest spot, which is why we place significant effort into making sure our platform is secure.


Connecting products is easy with IOTNetPRO hub

IOTNetPRO hub is your cloud-based IoT platform and application tool box. Working with IOTNetPRO devices allows you to focus on your products and user experience while we provide the supporting infrastructure. Start-up is fast and simple – your IOTNetPRO hub will be up and running within a few hours.

You can use IOTNetPRO hub as a stand-alone platform with the out-of-the-box user interface. You also have the flexibility to build custom applications and integrations using IOTNetPRO’s developer-friendly APIs.

What does an IoT solution look like?

An IoT solution can offer a wide range of possibilities for businesses, from a connected device that reports end-user behaviour to solutions that allow vehicles and machinery to operate autonomously.

With help from our partners, we provide everything you need to get going quickly with a connected product. No matter the use case or industry, these are the ”building blocks” that make up every successful connected solution.

The thing

This can be anything – an old product or new. Many things are already hard at work in the field and collecting data, but they can't connect to the internet.

The connectivity hardware

We can help you add connectivity and computing capabilities to the thing, ensuring you a reliable IoT solution that will work at an international scale.

The connectivity

The thing can connect to our secure global IoT network from any market in the world using our Global IoT Connectivity – which is backed up by 24-7 expert support.

The platform

This is where everything comes together – IOTNetPRO hub securely collects and stores the data from your connected devices and gives you the tools to manage your devices .

The application

With IOTNetPRO hub, you can use our standard dashboards and apps to visualize and track data, or easily build your own applications with our developer-friendly APIs.

The customer value

The value of connectivity is delivering better products, services and experiences to your customers. With a solution built to last, you can make IoT part of your success story.