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About Us

We provide the central platform for your IoT-applications.

While you realize the opportunities of digitization in your company and develop concepts for exciting innovations, we take care of the safe operation of the application. On the IOTNetPRO hub, open and technology-independent applications for the Internet of Things (IoT) run under the smart anything approach. The IOTNetPRO processes and stores all your data exclusively in Romania and offers the highest possible security and availability. Be it for Smart City, Smart Light, Smart Building or Smart Anything.

  • Cities and municipalities
  • Utilities
  • Business
  • Provider of IT applications
  • 24/7 Free extra support
  • Optimized stack
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Our Professionals Solutions For You

A service is the product of various individual components which support an end user in their tasks. A well-functioning solution is expected to work out of the box and not be hard to set-up. The IOTNetPRO brings together all the necessary components and is the central IoT platform for a wide variety of end-to-end services.


A Programmable Logic Controller, with comunications in the LPWAN network, easy to deploy and manage throught IOTNetPRO hub.

Smart Transportation

Smart transportation is one of the main ways smart cities are improving the daily lives of citizens and improving sustainability.

Intelligent Parking

The perfect solution for building and property managers who wish to have a real-time overview of their parking areas.

Smart Metering Grid

Enables the acquisition of consumption data and transmits it wirelessly to the available LPWAN network.

Smart Lighting Grid

Our platform provides real-time monitoring and control of lighting points as well as power consumption.

Right climate

With this IoT solution you monitor the indoor/outdoor climate in next-to-real-time.

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Why Choose Us

Our Platform Takes Away The Hard Processing IoT Data

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    Safe Security

    The IOTNetPRO hub is intended for companies within and without Romania and all data is processed and stored exclusively in our cloud. Energy efficiency, flexibility and safety are our top priorities.

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    Technical Support

    The systems of the IOTNetPRO are monitored around the clock and if necessary we offer appropriate support packages. Contact us if you would like even more comprehensive support for your critical infrastructure.

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    Know-how Sharing

    You benefit from cloud know-how. Logistics or tracking solutions with live tracking requires a well-developed communication network. The IOTNetPRO allows roaming between the different networks, of course always with data protection guaranteed. Extensions and improvements are available to everyone.


Make Your Business More Competitive And Enduring

Internet of Things is transforming businesses today

The use of such technology in the business world is no different. IoT devices record and transfer data to monitor important processes, give us new insights, boost efficiency, and allow companies to make more informed decisions.

A Community With A Unique Mission

Connected equipment in manufacturing, aviation, the supply chain, agriculture, healthcare, and many other industries, is creating more data streams and analytics potential, meaning that companies are gaining much greater insights into their business operations and how their customers use their products or services.

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What We Offer

Industries We Serve

In the Internet of Things (IoT), activated things communicate with each other and create extensive data collections with interesting information. By processing this information, new business models can be realized and existing applications become more efficient. The IOTNetPRO Hub is the digital marketplace for all types of IoT solutions based on an ecosystem approach.


The Internet of Things

or, more specifically, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the process for manufacturing from start to finish. Everything from equipment that can alert the necessary people when there is a problem, to smart resource management for energy and water in a facility, to warehouse stock tracking and compliance assistances, these connected devices are disrupting old methods of manufacturing. Smarter devices help workers stay safe and users to quickly receive the correct products with impeccable quality control.

  • Clear goals
  • Don’t try to reinvent the wheel
  • Secure data
  • Scalable model
  • Good data intelligence
  • Hight security
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The Internet of Things

For many businesses minimising errors is a main priority, and whether we like it or not people make mistakes. Human error is something that is often overlooked or discounted when refining processes. By connecting machines and allowing them to control themselves automatically, fewer members of staff are needed to complete certain tasks.

  • Automation
  • Accuracy
  • Increase up-time
  • Analysis
  • Monitoring
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The Internet of Things

The healthcare industry is in a state of great despair. Healthcare services are costlier than ever, global population is aging and the number of chronic diseases are on a rise.

What we are approaching is a world where basic healthcare would become out of reach to most people, a large section of society would go unproductive owing to old age and people would be more prone to chronic disease.

  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Connectivity
  • Affordability
  • Data assortment
  • Analysis
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Artificial Intelligence In Industry

The rising adoption of novel technologies, such as artificial intelligence- (AI) based smart robots and industry 4.0 in the manufacturing industry is set to contribute to the IoT in manufacturing market growth. These are aiding the manufacturers in enhancing reliability and quality, as well as lowering the overall manufacturing cost. Prominent companies are presently aiming to engage in mergers and acquisitions to get hold of more opportunities by using IoT in manufacturing.

  • Opportunities
  • Creating
  • Industries
  • Security
  • Highest
  • Priority
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